One Step Closer

To becoming a TrakSYS Certified Engineer

We are glad you are interested in becoming a TrakSYS Certified Engineer! This exam guide is designed to familiarize you with exam details, exam topics, and preparation resources for the TrakSYS Certified Engineer Exam. When you pass this exam, you will attain the TrakSYS Certified Engineer credential.

Certification Candidates

A TrakSYS Certified Engineer possesses the knowledge and skills necessary to implement, configure, and manage a complex installation of TrakSYS. They have hands-on experience completing day-to-day operational tasks needed to manage an enterprise instance of TrakSYS.

Maintaining Your Certification

In order to maintain the TrakSYS Certified Engineer credential, Parsec requires that you recertify on our exam every 18 months to stay current with our product. Parsec will communicate with you in advance of your credential expiration and remind you to register for your exam before your credential expires.

Exam Details

  • Format

    97 Multiple Choice Questions

  • Time Allotted

    120 Minutes

  • Passing Score


  • Prerequisites

    Comprehensive Training Recommended

  • Exam Language


  • Number of Attempts

    3 Attempts, 7 Days Apart

Recommended Training and Resources

Parsec offers a range of training courses and resources that will help prepare you for the certification exam. While training alone does not guarantee certification, we strongly recommend that candidates take the Comprehensive Training Course in preparation for the exam. The following resources may also help you prepare for the exam:
  • Self Study

    Study articles on exam topics on the
    Parsec Support Site.

  • Community Engagement

    Participate in the Parsec
    Support Community.

  • Socialize

    Join the TrakSYS Certified Engineer
    LinkedIn Group.

Exam Objectives

The TrakSYS Certified Engineer Exam validates the skills necessary to implement, configure, and manage TrakSYS. The exam objectives and topics are below for your reference. Use them to guide your study and to prepare for the exam.

  • Section I | Introduction to TrakSYS Backend

    Services * Systems * Installation * Tag Types * Logic Service Interactions * System Functionality * Contextual Configuration

  • Section II | Introduction to TrakSYS Web

    Page Construction * Page Permissions * Values Dictionary * Visual Page Definitions * Content Parts * Content Part Features * Page Development * Content Pages

  • Section III | Introduction to Solutions

    Event Configuration * KPI Configuration * Task Configuration * Batching Configuration * Items/Locations * SPC * Storage Configuration

  • Section IV | Scripting & Extensibility

    Alerts * APIs * Built-in Customization * DMS * Module Step Types * Module Control * Content Library * Form Development * Multi-Site * Audits * Language Translations

  • Section V | Licensing and Best Practices

    UI Best Practices * FAQ * Licensing

The Fine Print

The certification exams are intended to be taken with all available resources. Utilize any training, support, and implementation resources that are available to you. By taking the certification exam(s), you agree to adhere to:
  • You certify that you are the person taking the TCE Exam. Allowing someone to impersonate you to take a TCE Exam, or engaging in impersonation to take an Examination for someone else, is considered fraud and is strictly prohibited.

  • The Exam Materials are the exclusive and confidential property of Parsec Automation Corp (“Parsec”) and are protected by Parsec’s intellectual property rights; Parsec, or its designated agents, have the right to research Exam results and Exam data to monitor for Exam fraud and Exam Irregularities.

  • That you may not disclose the Exam questions or answers or discuss any of the content of the Exam Materials with any person without prior written approval of Parsec.

  • Not to copy or attempt to copy any Exam Material.

  • Exam Materials are secured before, during, and after the Exam. You are prohibited from accessing secured Exam Materials, at any time before or after the Exam.

  • Parsec reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to cancel or invalidate any Examination score if there is any reason to question its validity.

Other Important Information

This guide is meant to give an overview of the exam and should not be the only means of preparation. A combination of self-paced e-learning, self-study on the Parsec Support Portal, and on-the-job experience will prepare candidates to take the exam.